This is your opportunity to show the world what you can create
Take an active part in Flöwan, the social network storytelling app
and its community of readers, creators, and fictional characters

As an intern you could:


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  • join the Flöwan writing team
  • with assignments like writing a story board for Danny’s Flying Fysshe Films’ next pitch or writing characters’ responses to friend requests…in a variety of dialects

  • join the Flöwan music team
  • with assignments like creating the soundtrack for Perlina’s far-from-the-mountains new life in a Staten Island attic or a new white-boy rap for Trevor’s transformation from Yorkshire Lad to London Hipster

  • join the Flöwan design team
  • with assignments like creating fashion sketches for Nikki’s first LSP competition in London or posters for the walls of Victoria and Nicholas’s steampunk rocket ship

  • join the Flöwan research team
  • with assignments like developing a slang lexicon of your ‘hood or identifying types of art fraud

  • join the Flöwan sound effects team
  • with assignments like creating the sounds of street life in London, New York, Barcelona and Nice

  • join the Flöwan photography team
  • with assignments like taking quirky shots for caption contests or shots from various angles for Anais’s site location recce research

  • join the Flöwan editorial team
  • with assignments like selecting posts to tweet and retweet or evaluating readers’ competition entries

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tom: 5px;”>There’s more than one reason you might pursue an internship with us:
  • You might choose to demonstrate your special talent or strength.
  • You might use an internship to learn or refine a particular skill.
  • You might take on a challenge at which you have little experience.
But whatever your approach, a Flöwan internship offers you the opportunity to get in early on a new medium, one that a reviewer called “a completely new medium of storytelling, deviating completely from traditional methods”1 and another described it as an “alternative to reading books [that is]…surprisingly creative.”2

Flowan is a highly interactive medium, and your internship will also be an interactive experience. You can pursue your internship from anywhere. Wherever you are, you will receive ongoing mentorship and feedback.

If you’re an early adopter and an innovator, this internship will offer you an opportunity to help shape an app “that could be quite addicting,” according to another review.3

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1. Nikhita Nookala, The Eagle Eye, Feb. 9, 2018
2. Katie Spillman, The Pathfinder, Feb. 20, 2018
3. Marlaina Garczynski and Samantha Hoffman, The Cub, Feb. 23, 2018

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How to Apply

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  1. Fill out and submit the Internship Application Form below

  2. Upload some work samples — what you have previously done that is relevant to the team you are applying for or some of what you would like to do, if you have not had previous experience in the area

Formal experience is not required but we need to know your background in order to place you.
Upload work samples, such as articles, essays, or photographs. Supported file types: jpg, png, pdf, txt, rtf, doc, docx, odt