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High School Contest

top: 20px;”>Congratulations to the Winners of the Flöwan App Review Contest


  • Samantha Hoffman and Marlaina Garczynski and Boyertown Senior High School (Boyertown, PA)
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    Samantha and Marlaina are both freshmen at Boyertown High School. This is their first year writing for their school newspaper, the BASH Cub. They have both enjoyed learning about reporting and journalism.

    Students meet 1st period each day to maintain and write stories for their student-run news site, The site provides information and a voice for the students of Boyertown Area Senior High, a public school located an hour northwest of Philadelphia.

  • Nikhita Nookala and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School (Parkland, FL)
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    (Yes, that Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School. Nikhita submitted her entry two days before all the tragic events there. Our judge made her decisions “blind”, based on entries that were all provided to her together after the contest closing date, with no information about the contestants, the identity of their schools or their locations.)

    Nikhita Nookala is an 18 year old, proud Marjorie Stoneman Douglas senior from Parkland, FL. She is a copy editor at her school’s award-winning publication, the Eagle Eye.

    The Eagle Eye is the award-winning student newsmagazine for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The Eagle Eye publishes a print magazine quarterly, which delves into student-related issues and also publishes stories daily to The Eagle Eye has been rated All-Florida by the Florida Scholastic Press Association and has been awarded a Pacemaker Award from the National Scholastic Press Association and a Gold Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association.

  • Katie Spillman and Parkway West High School (Ballwin, MO)
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    Katie Spillman is a senior at Parkway West High School. She has been a staff writer for two years [on the Parkway West Pathfinder] and is currently planning on attending University of Missouri-Colombia’s journalism school next fall. She’s an advocate for writing and creative ideas. She loves to write and hopes to be a journalist in the future. She cares a lot about the digital world and design and thinks that is the new frontier of journalism. She is grateful for the opportunity and for the Edunomics Institute for this win!

  • The Pathfinder has evolved from a print newspaper into an national award-winning online news program run by roughly 35 dedicated and passionate students. Originally published in 1968 as “the paper without a name,” the Parkway West “Pathfinder” soon acquired a title and became known as the newspaper of Parkway West High in Ballwin, Missouri. In 2012 the Pathfinder staff decided to take the paper into the electronic age and launched its first online newspaper. Since 2014, the Pathfinder has also welcomed work from yearbook students.

Thanks so much from the Flöwan team to all the journalists who tried out our beta version, and especially to those who took the time to write a review. Each one of you made an important contribution to our finding – and fixing – bugs in Flöwan. That’s what beta testing is all about, and each participant played a significant role in improving Flöwan.

Thanks to the comments from beta testers and reviewers, we are in the process of making the following improvements:

  • A brand new customized Avatar Maker with many more options
  • Separate notifications for each story
  • Slower pace for new notifications
  • A Journal page for each Flöwan reader — visible to all Flöwan readers so you can post your own personal comments as well as posting onto characters’ boards
  • Automatic posting of pictures of what you gift and buy onto your journal
  • More orientation information about how to get the most out of Flöwan
  • Specific Help explanations for different sections
  • Credits listing writers, photographers, artists and musicians who take part in our internship programs
  • A new story — Brent’s — will replace Antlion’s story
  • A new website — — where you can catch up on the latest news about Flöwan and latest buzz about each story

NOTE: We made the decision to replace Antlion’s story with Brent’s in part because, after the tragedy in Parkland, and the energizing of high school students across America to make changes in gun control laws, we thought that gun issues were treated too lightly in the Antlion story. We will be interested to hear what you think.

tom: 10px;”>Flöwan is an open medium. Your voice is important. Stay in touch with us.

The new beta version is scheduled to be ready in late May, and we look forward to our first round of beta testers and new beta testers letting us know how you like these changes. Keep watching for news of the second beta launch.

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